This is the large project "Krkouni". Special 3D cartoon character models for animations, web sites, books, decoration and others thinks where you can use this pictures.
3D models are primary use for 3D cartoon Animations (are in progressing now).
You can look for some pictures/renders prepared for this project. But this project is on the start line so be pattient please.

In this project will be Three or Four cartoon characters look like as Giraffe, Elephant, Cow and Crow.

  modeling: Plane poly modeling 3DS Max 8.0, skiined, rigged,
Final Render Stage-1
postproduction: nothing
official site:



Krkouni - Giraffe

First of the group of cartoon character from Krkouni project is Giraffe. She is crazy and funny. Giraffe is modeled and textured in 3Ds Max 8.0. She is skinned and rigget of course.

Krkouni - Giraffe

Next picture with Giraffe Cartoon character


Krkouni - Giraffe Krkouni - Giraffe

Krkouni - Giraffe - test simple video

You can watch a first simple and short video with this cartoon character.
Video is in the Xvid format with 450Kb large.
"Test simple video"

Krkouni - Giraffe  
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